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Starbound mining mech mod

Starbound is a game where you can explore the space! even planets and moons! yes, you can take your ship and travel everywhere and see different envrioments from desert, jungle until vulcanic or moon. I was playing before to this game and yesterday I decided to test mods for starbound that modify the behaviour or add new items to the game.

Starbound ship

Me and my ship

When I decided to try I almost got everything about armors, but I needed some materials called Emperium to create the last armor, so I thought, ey I can try to search mods for mining better.

So I found the Mining Mech mod, the installation is really easy, copy and paste in the folder mods of starbound in steam… now where is the starbound folder?.. well, it depends what OS you have but in my case windows 7 it was in C:Program files(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/starbound. So if someone who read this know more places comment it and I will update the posts for the different OSs.

After install you can see me trying to build the mining mech:

mining mech ingredients

Ingredients for the mining mech

I was lucky because I had almost all the ingredients and finally I got it!, you have a really crazy machine to mining alll that you want easily and getting a lot more materials. It produce a big light too and it can mining more far away.

Mining mech

My mining mech


The problem is that you cannot attack, so you have to go out from the vehicle if you don’t want to die with a mini small monster hehe.

You can see a lot mods different here:

Maybe in the future I decide to create a mod  for this fantastic game too :), this game need a water creation mod, for creating water, it would be cool.


Pixel piracy is a strategy, simulation indie game presented by creators of terraria where you take the role of a captain pirate. You can hire the crew and fight against other ships, islands. The game is in beta development but it can be bought and get early access, so you can be playing in the same time that the game is being developed, in my opinion is a good option, you will discover new things in the game while you play day by day and it will improve and new features will be added with the time so it will give you nice suprises. More information here: