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We have added a new game section in the page so now you can check what games were developed by us.

Pointer bug was fixed: now if you don’t have a bullet the pointer will dissapear, and it automatically will show up when you get one, it’s usefull so the player can know when they have bullet looking just the character.

Press start and menu scene added :D, when you press “start game” it will go to the level selection screen.

Press start screen


Credits added

BananaGun Credits

Save game added: if you pass a level which is the last unlocked, it will unlock the next level and it will be saved automatically so when you enter the game again all the levels that you passed will be unlocked.

Devlog Implementation of saving game (For programmers): To do this I added a LevelProperty object in each level so you can know what number level is which you are playing and it will be used to store the start bullets too for the level. In my opinion is better than use the GameController because the gamecontroller will control everything in all the game and it will not be destroyed, so GameController will be which save, load, store the lastUnlockedLevel, so on. It could store the volume too but I will save it in a unity preference instead.

What will be done this week

Add a contact form or email in the website

Fix the normal jump so it will be always the same in all the levels

Options for music and sound effects so you can control the volume

Fix animations issues

Add the website to the credits

Add the version in the presstart screen and also indicate if it’s a demo, prototype or release…


I will update more things to do I think but for now this is :D, also If you are a youtuber, presss and you are insterested to play  the protoype send me a message to indicating the youtube channel, name or company that you belongs.


Thanks very much I hope that you can enjoy new news soon 🙂