All posts for the month October, 2015

I will to start with a todo list with posts in the blog so people can follow the current progress of bananagame and the website:

  • Create a games section with the games that we developed and we are developing so people who visit the page can find it easily.
  • Fix the fire pointer bug in bananagun, attach it to player, right now is just an object outside, it makes it difficult to configure it.
  • Create press start scene
  • Create a menu for start game and options
  • New feature: Save game
  • Create credits


  • Fix animation bug -> there is some pixels in the space in the walk animation
  • Fix animation controller bug in normal jump -> sometimes the animation jumps appears sometimes not.
  • Fix the normal jump force to be always the same, right now it’s a little creepy it’s still good playable and fun so it’s a “small” bug.

I don’t think that I will get to do everything but at less the first things so I have a version to show in conferences :).

Also I need testers so everyone who wants to try send a message to and tell about what kind of games do you usually play and why are you interested to play this one. It will give me a good statistic idea about what kind of gamers like this game maybe :P.

BananaGun Website created

I hope that everyone enjoy the new page of bananagun game, we have included everything that is needed to know about the game and cool images. We will add a video too in the next months and we will be posting news in this web about the development.

Thanks for watching and your interest in the game!


UI Fade Tool For Unity


Here we are again! I have created a new tool called UI Fade tool.

It’s very usefull to do UI fade in unity and very easy to use. It allows you to do fade in and out automatically, just with one script, you can configure the duration and delay of the fades and can be started on awake as audio source does, so It is very usefull for logo starts or texts dissapear at the beggining without require any programming.

I have tried the code to be so clean as possible and people can modify it to use in his projects.  Here is a video which shows the tool and It makes fade in and fade out in 1 minute without programming.

LINK TO THE TOOL!/content/42701


Here is a demo which is interactive and you can try it.

*Note for the Demo: You have to introduce numbers in the text fields.

it if I see that people liked the tool I will improve it. Any suggestion to improve it is welcomed :). Thanks