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You can measure if you  ask another programmer and then you count how many WTFs per minutes he says when he reads your code 😛 . Of course, I am telling about clean code but that helps a lot to the quality.

Image of WTFs per minute

WTFs per minute

“Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares.”

This was written by Michael Feathers. Michael Feathers is a senior member of Object Mentor team. He provides training, coaching and mentoring services in Agile/XP programming practices, test-driven development, refactoring, object-oriented design, Java, C#, and C++. Michael has over 12 years of experience in developing world-class software solutions.

“You know you are working on clean code when each routine you read turns out to be pretty much what you expected. You can call it beautiful code when the code also makes it look like the language was made for the problem.”

That quote comes from Ward Cunningham (inventor of the Wiki, inventor of Fit, co-inventor of eXtreme Programming, and much more)

I recommend this post in this forum if you want to know more:


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Starbound mining mech mod

Starbound is a game where you can explore the space! even planets and moons! yes, you can take your ship and travel everywhere and see different envrioments from desert, jungle until vulcanic or moon. I was playing before to this game and yesterday I decided to test mods for starbound that modify the behaviour or add new items to the game.

Starbound ship

Me and my ship

When I decided to try I almost got everything about armors, but I needed some materials called Emperium to create the last armor, so I thought, ey I can try to search mods for mining better.

So I found the Mining Mech mod, the installation is really easy, copy and paste in the folder mods of starbound in steam… now where is the starbound folder?.. well, it depends what OS you have but in my case windows 7 it was in C:Program files(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/starbound. So if someone who read this know more places comment it and I will update the posts for the different OSs.

After install you can see me trying to build the mining mech:

mining mech ingredients

Ingredients for the mining mech

I was lucky because I had almost all the ingredients and finally I got it!, you have a really crazy machine to mining alll that you want easily and getting a lot more materials. It produce a big light too and it can mining more far away.

Mining mech

My mining mech


The problem is that you cannot attack, so you have to go out from the vehicle if you don’t want to die with a mini small monster hehe.

You can see a lot mods different here:

Maybe in the future I decide to create a mod  for this fantastic game too :), this game need a water creation mod, for creating water, it would be cool.


Idea to increase the seo



Seo, for me it’s the art to do that you get visits in your web. Mmmm today I was thinking what to do so more people can read my blog. I was thinking what the companies do and go so the people can see their advertisements… I was thinking in people in the street selling things with big letters and shouting and also in planes with big letters in the air so all the people can see it.

So in both things, people see because they are in a place where there are a lot people, it’s not like here that my posts are only in google and a lot webs are better positioned than mine so I will find a place with a lot people in internet and I will put a big letter about this, of course it doesn’t make sense if this disturb so I will think the place….. we need people who are interested to watch how a team works, what new indie games are going to launch, people who want to see different games and people who like same things like us. Let’s try it :D.

Pixel piracy is a strategy, simulation indie game presented by creators of terraria where you take the role of a captain pirate. You can hire the crew and fight against other ships, islands. The game is in beta development but it can be bought and get early access, so you can be playing in the same time that the game is being developed, in my opinion is a good option, you will discover new things in the game while you play day by day and it will improve and new features will be added with the time so it will give you nice suprises. More information here:

2 popular game webs

Added new links to the menu with my 2 favourite game webs:  : It’s a spanish web page where you can find the most new and popular games. Also you can find ranking order by platform( pc, xbox, wii, android, …). There are analisis of games with custom videos and notes of the games

3djuegos : It’s a web where you can find the most new indie games. You can find from not so popular but interesting and games until game that are popular, you can find articles, reviews and interesting topics for gamers and developers.


Enjoy 🙂

Short posts

I just realized that I read the beginning of the posts that the end. So this is a short post so you can read all but interesting. What do you think about this is true?

Hello, everybody, I introduce the team. We are a team of a software engineer and sound expert and we are going to create games. Little by little we will go improving and we will put the things that we developed. We are spanish, holaa, que tal?,  but I will put in english so everybody can understand it and because the audience is higher.

We will write about our developments, team, things that we learnt and indie games that we see interesting and we hope that you too.

This is my first post so I think I will improve with the time, little by little. We will change the web view, so it looks nicer soon and we will delete things that we don’t need that appears for default.

Thanks everybody for reading this, and we hope that you enjoy as we do developing games.