These 2 new levels are designed based on the speed power up.

They will produces your more adrenaline.  Also they will teach you that not always things are so easy as it may seems.



In total we have 7 levels. Mmmm… I have to think about how can I help players to update the game without losing their progress. If someone knows please let me know!.

By the way, I got some new ideas like a super jump power up, so don’t forget to visit us time to time to check the progress.

I hope you enjoy, you can play it free in gamejolt!.


From the beginning of videogames to the end, we have made a list of the most innovative games in the history of videogames.

In this list we will focus in all kind of innovation

1. Pong (1972)

Designed by Nolan Bushnell, it wasn’t the first game, it was the first game massively marketed and it had an innovative mechanics in that time with 2 players playing in the same time.

2. Asteroids (1979)

This game included a mechanic never seen before. When you hit an asteroids it becomes apart and new small asteroids are generated making the game more difficult and fun. You had to decided if it is better to destroy an asteroid or go for one of the enemies that appeared. Also the game was made in vectors instead of graphics.

3. Manic Miner (1983)

Designed by Matthew Smith. It was the first videogame for ZX Spectrum in-play music. During that time the CPU must had to focus all his efforts in playing music and it seemed imposible to play music in-game, this game achieved it by constantly alternating CPU time between the music and the game. Also it included very cool mechanics such as oxigen level in the cave so you must exit the level before you finish without air,  slider platforms, very imaginative enemies (waters, birds, aliens, the sun with sunglasses, …) and a set of keys that you must get before open the exit to the next level.

4. Mario (1985)

Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has one of the best game design of all times, lot of game designers have references from his level and how it is possible to teach the people. You just must realise about how many things you can do with just jumpings.

5. Zelda (1986)

Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, it is difficult to say how innovative it was, but it was very much. As a fact, it was the first console game with a save function that enabled players to stop playing and then resume later. It allowed a degree of freedom and interaction that I didn’t see before. This is a must play title.




6. Doom (1993)

It was one of the best 3D games made in that time and I used to play it in MS-DOS, the levels where very good designed and it was very fun to see how many weapons, enemies and movements you could do. It introduced deathmatching to a large audience and was also the first game to use the term “deathmatch”. I would say that it is a must play except that you can get dizzy by the graphics.



7. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (1997)

It came from Comics. The videogame was designed by David Dienstbier, it was a first-person shooter video game developed by Iguana Entertainment. This game combine elements of the run-and-gun (Doom) and exploration mechanics as Tomb Radier, also you had to combat against dinosaurs.

It was the most popular title for the Nintendo 64 and It was one of the first games to work with Direct3D, making a hug innovation in graphics. It meant a huge improvement in 3D, no more dizzy :).



8. Half-Life (1998)

Designed by Marc Laidlaw and developed by Valve, it is a groundshaking game. You just must watch the beginning, everything start without direct fight (that was unusual), just in a laboratory running an inter-dimensional experiment which (spoiler here) goes wrong.

It included so many things that was usual and unusual that in the sum was just amazing: Good graphics, nice gameplay, surprises, good storyline, not clips when story is being told,  you got the health from the enemies (not randomly placed in scenarios like others), the levels where good designed, team work intelligence and voices in the enemies (like “Fire in the Hole!”), Grenades, variety of environments, puzzles to solve in action, different kind of enemies (humans or aliens), laboratories and other world, what can you ask more?

Half-life was a total hit and it was said to be the best single player shooter by some critic reviews and it definitely was, it got lot of awards, even Best PC Game Ever in E3. Here is another must play.


9. Portal (2007)

Designed and developed by Valve, it was one of the most innovative games of all of times. In this game you find in a laboratory doing some tests made by someone with a robotic voice. The cool thing is that you have a portal gun, it means that you can fire (with right mouse button) in one wall, floor or ceiling and you get a portal to another place that you fire (with left mouse button) doing like a kind of door in the space world), here is a picture.


Portal physics-2.svg
De derivative work: Pbroks13 (talk)
Portal_physics.svg: User:Dammit – Edited version of Image:Portal physics.svg., CC BY-SA 2.5 nl, Enlace


Although it wasn’t the first Game to make Portal (Narbacular Drop was the first), it was the first to use the portals with such good story, design, graphics, physics and humor!. In this time few actions games as such good humor as this one, that can be considered another innovation and it is another must be played.

10. Minecraft (2011)

Designed by Notch, who doesn’t know Minecraft? It is one of the most innovative games of all times too, it included totally freedom, more than GTA? Much more, you can destroy everything in the world, but also you can create, craft, get materials, survive and add mods! On fact this game became so popular thanks to the mod community and his possibilities in freedom.

In this game was a back in time to the mechanics of old games, where you start without nothing, not storyline, not controls, you had to discover everything by yourself even the story (like Zelda did), however in this game people used internet and forums to help each other about how to progress and what you can discover in the game (I had never seen before in other games).

Also youtubers help to make the game even longer in time:



I can recommend more games who innovated a lot in the videogame industry like Tomb Raider, Stanley Parable and Braid,

Do you have some more? Please add it to the comments and let me know.


Note: This is a personal list.


Bananagun version 0.3.1

Hello everyone,

long time ago that I don’t post anything, I’m sorry, I have been very busy studying and learnning about game development in art and music so the game can be improved.

Now a new release has just been release yeahh!, there is a demo plan for Bananagun and since 0.3 to 0.4 Bananagun will be free to download, new improvements will be added to the game and you can follow the progress.


In this release 0.3.1 we have added music enjoy it:


You can download the demo release 0.3.1 here:


Bananagun website:


Thanks to everyone,



We have added a new game section in the page so now you can check what games were developed by us.

Pointer bug was fixed: now if you don’t have a bullet the pointer will dissapear, and it automatically will show up when you get one, it’s usefull so the player can know when they have bullet looking just the character.

Press start and menu scene added :D, when you press “start game” it will go to the level selection screen.

Press start screen


Credits added

BananaGun Credits

Save game added: if you pass a level which is the last unlocked, it will unlock the next level and it will be saved automatically so when you enter the game again all the levels that you passed will be unlocked.

Devlog Implementation of saving game (For programmers): To do this I added a LevelProperty object in each level so you can know what number level is which you are playing and it will be used to store the start bullets too for the level. In my opinion is better than use the GameController because the gamecontroller will control everything in all the game and it will not be destroyed, so GameController will be which save, load, store the lastUnlockedLevel, so on. It could store the volume too but I will save it in a unity preference instead.

What will be done this week

Add a contact form or email in the website

Fix the normal jump so it will be always the same in all the levels

Options for music and sound effects so you can control the volume

Fix animations issues

Add the website to the credits

Add the version in the presstart screen and also indicate if it’s a demo, prototype or release…


I will update more things to do I think but for now this is :D, also If you are a youtuber, presss and you are insterested to play  the protoype send me a message to indicating the youtube channel, name or company that you belongs.


Thanks very much I hope that you can enjoy new news soon 🙂

I will to start with a todo list with posts in the blog so people can follow the current progress of bananagame and the website:

  • Create a games section with the games that we developed and we are developing so people who visit the page can find it easily.
  • Fix the fire pointer bug in bananagun, attach it to player, right now is just an object outside, it makes it difficult to configure it.
  • Create press start scene
  • Create a menu for start game and options
  • New feature: Save game
  • Create credits


  • Fix animation bug -> there is some pixels in the space in the walk animation
  • Fix animation controller bug in normal jump -> sometimes the animation jumps appears sometimes not.
  • Fix the normal jump force to be always the same, right now it’s a little creepy it’s still good playable and fun so it’s a “small” bug.

I don’t think that I will get to do everything but at less the first things so I have a version to show in conferences :).

Also I need testers so everyone who wants to try send a message to and tell about what kind of games do you usually play and why are you interested to play this one. It will give me a good statistic idea about what kind of gamers like this game maybe :P.

BananaGun Website created

I hope that everyone enjoy the new page of bananagun game, we have included everything that is needed to know about the game and cool images. We will add a video too in the next months and we will be posting news in this web about the development.

Thanks for watching and your interest in the game!


UI Fade Tool For Unity


Here we are again! I have created a new tool called UI Fade tool.

It’s very usefull to do UI fade in unity and very easy to use. It allows you to do fade in and out automatically, just with one script, you can configure the duration and delay of the fades and can be started on awake as audio source does, so It is very usefull for logo starts or texts dissapear at the beggining without require any programming.

I have tried the code to be so clean as possible and people can modify it to use in his projects.  Here is a video which shows the tool and It makes fade in and fade out in 1 minute without programming.

LINK TO THE TOOL!/content/42701


Here is a demo which is interactive and you can try it.

*Note for the Demo: You have to introduce numbers in the text fields.

it if I see that people liked the tool I will improve it. Any suggestion to improve it is welcomed :). Thanks

Hola, he visto que hay pocos tutoriales en español sobre como usar y configurar streamming en español, todos están en inglés y muchos no me convencen, asi que he decidido crear mi propio tutorial y contar mi experiencia con diferentes streammings para que veais cual me fue mejor.

Si vamos a la web de, podemos encontrar varios software para streamming, nos lo ofrecen aquí, haz click: software de streamming.

Bien, vemos que tenemos varios: open broadcast, xsplit, wirecast y Evolve.


Yo personalmente uso open broadcast, porque es completamente gratuito, muchas opciones de configuración, se enfoca solo en el streamming, mientras otros tienen como una comunidad, lo cual es bueno si os gusta conocer otros que hacen streamming. Pero bueno la verdad que a mi el que me va mejor es open broadcast, así que pondré como se configura open broadcast unicamente.

Primero descargar la ultima versión usando el link software de streamming.



Una vez que lo hayas bajado, lo ejecutas a 64-bit o 32-bit (dependiendo de tu sistema operativo), si quieres saberlo y tienes windows sigue estos pasos:


Tendríais algo así:

open broadcast


Bien, lo primero que hay que saber son los 2 rectangulos abajo a la izquierda blanco para que son. Bueno pues hay se ponen las escenas y las fuentes.


Digamos las escenas son “proyectos” y dentro de los proyectos puedes poner las fuentes que son “lo que vas a capturar” por ejemplo puedes capturar la webcam, o puedes capturar una ventana de un juego o el escritorio, etc.


Nosotros estamos interesado solo en el juego. Para ello hacemos click derecho sobre el rectangulo escenas y pulsamos en agregar escena, le pones el nombre que quieras. Yo tengo una escena llamada game que es donde capturo el juego que quiera, yo creo que las personas tienen muchas escenas diferentes dependiendo de cual juego quiere pero yo así estoy cómodo.


Después tenemos que añadir la fuente pulsamos click derecho y añadir juego. Importante el juego no aparecerá para seleccionarlo en la lista despegable sino se estaba ejecutando así que lo primero es poner el juego en marcha, y luego intentar añadir la fuente, si incluso así no aparece debes ejecutar Open Broadcaster como administrador y ya aparecerá. Importante que el checkbox este con V ( la cajita este seleccionada).


Bien, ahora si pulsamos iniciar transimisión esto haría streamming sobre el stream que tenemos configurado… como no tenemos ninguno pues no funcionará. Vamos a configurar el streamming.



Arriba pulsamos configuración -> configuración.


En general seleccionamos nuestro idioma y pones un nombre de perfil que quieras sino esta puesto ya.


En Encoder, yo he puesto usar CBR yy lo mas importante es configurar el bitrate importantísimo. Si lo tienes mal configurado el streamming parará en cierto momento y no irá fluido.

Bien para configurar el bitrate necesistas saber tu velocidad de subida a internet máxima para ello ve aquí:

Mira tu upload speed (Velocidad de subida) en mi caso fue 0.82 Mbps (0.82 Megabits por segundo = 820 Kbps) , bien esto significa que el bitrate que tengo que debeis poner debe  ser menor el 80% de tu velocidad de subida, en mi caso puse 420 que es la mitad 50%  y funciona bastante bien.


En configuración de transmisión, elegir modo de transmisión en vivo, servicio de Streamming Twitch/ . De servidor elegis el que este más cerca vuestra, yo como soy de España elegí UK.

Importante en stream key teneis que poner un stream key (clave de stream) que podeis encontrarla en vuestro dashboard en twitch. Para ello logueas en twitch click en tu nombre Dashboard.

2014-05-10 17_52_11-Twitch

Una vez en Dashboard, haceis click en Stream key -> show key, os dará una clave, la copiais y la pegais en el Stream key rectangulo blanco de Open Broadcast.

2014-05-10 17_52_31-Ventura2222's Dashboard - Twitch

2014-05-10 17_52_57-Twitch



Bien, también quiero decir que en dashboard cuando estais haciendo streamming podeis ver la calidad que tiene vuestro streamming en cuanto a si va fluido o no en un letrero que te lo dice de diferentes colores. (rojo si va mal, verde si va bien, amarillo regular).



En video poneis vuestra tarjeta gráfica que utilizareis para streamming en caso de tener 2 escogeis la mejor, que usais cuando jugais.

La resolución la configurais a vuestro gusto, pero que se vea bien y tampoco hace falta ponerlo a tope.

En mi caso 1366×768 con la tarjeta gráfica RADEON (TM) HD 6770M.

Lo demás no hace falta tocarlo



Bien pues ya tienes listo para hacer streamming solo hace falta hacer click en Iniciar transmisión y si vas a twitch te verás a ti mismo jugando con 1 o 2 minutos de retraso, seguramente.

Cualquier duda comentad y me encantará que lo copiaseis a otros lugares siempre que pongais la fuente de aquí.


Un saludo a todos y espero que os sea de utilidad!


Mi stream en twitch: Ventura2222